Neshaminy Creek’s “Punkel Dunkel”

      Happy Thanksgiving! My perpetual journey for delicious Pumpkin Ales has been pretty tasty this year so far. If you follow my Instagram account you already know I am several deep so far in my search. A couple weeks ago I spotted a brew I had not seen before with some pretty rad label art! I was only slightly familiar with the brewery as I only just started seeing their brews on taps in my Central Jersey area this year. I’ve liked everything I’ve had from them so far, but pumpkin ale is a true test for me and how I favor a brewery! Come back and visit this page tomorrow for my 3rd Annual Top Ten List of my Favorite Pumpkin Ales!
Neshaminy Creek’sPunkel Dunkel” pours a murky brown color, with a one finger thick beige head. The aroma delivers strong pumpkin spices and earthy malt. The taste is lead by the intense pumpkin spices of all spice, nutmeg and cinnamon. It’s then rounded out with banana, apple, brown sugar and earthy hops. The finish. Is also spicy, but has some chocolate notes I caught in the after taste. The 8.8%abv gives this brew another little kick. It really is a unique and well done augmentation of a German Wheat beer. This has quickly become on of my favorite Pumpkin Ales! Here’s to good Beers!

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