Saranac’s Chocolate Orange Porter

      Well, we’ve made it to the holidays everybody! I hope your Thanksgiving was excellent. This is the season where chocolates and candies and sweets are all around us, at work and at home! One holiday confectionery treat that I always remember being in my house growing up was that Chocolate Orange Ball that you whack down on the table and all the slices would come apart. Yeah, it’s a novelty but it reminds me of my childhood. For those of you like me who may have a soft spot in your heart for the chocolate orange, there is a grown-up version!
      Saranac Brewing‘s High Peaks series “Chocolate Orange Porter” pours thick and silky. Its dark brown body is topped off with a thin khaki colored head. The Chocolate aroma just about jumps out of the glass upon pouring. The smells of roasted chocolate malts, and a touch of earthiness are very strong. The taste is full on chocolate at first. Then some licorice and citrus flavors become apparent. The finish is sweet and warming, perhaps on account of the 9% abv. The mouth-feel is thick and creamy. This is a wonderful beer. It is a December release beer and sure seems perfect for the holidays! Here’s to Good Beers!

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