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Cider Series #5: Fox Barrel “Pear Cider”

     Sometimes it’s the most simple things that have the ability to make time just stop for a second, and help us slow down. It could be anything. I know as a beer blogger it is easy for me to get … Continue reading

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Sierra Nevada’s “Northern Hemisphere Harvest”

     Are you a “Hophead”? Are you one of those craft beer drinkers that just can’t get enough bitter, citrus, grassy goodness in your brew? This seems to be a popular trend in American Craft Beer as of late! I say this … Continue reading

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Weyerbacher’s “Mike”

     As the weather gets colder and darker, we look to our food and beverages to comfort us and keep us warm. Beer is no exception! It is around this time of year I look for my beer to be a … Continue reading

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NJ Beer Co. “1787 Abbey Single Ale”

     Sometimes I enjoy things that dare to be different. I think it is easy to put things into categories and judge them on certain criteria. Indeed there is a place and a time for that. However, I also enjoy when … Continue reading

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Magic Hat "Howl"

About a month ago my good friend and home brewing partner Steve-0 took a trip to Vermont with his family. While he was there he stopped by a local brewery and picked up a few growlers of fresh beer and … Continue reading

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Schlafly’s "Pumpkin Ale"

    Continuing on my Pumpkin Beer Journey, what I like most about pumpkin beer is their differences. Every good pumpkin beer I have ever had, manages to showcase that pumpkin pie flavor, but in a different way. I don’t think I … Continue reading

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Epic Beer Trade

    Over the past few weeks I have been working out a beer trade with Bianca from can follow here on twitter here: ( Not only is she a fellow beer lover / blogger but she is a Pumpkin Beer … Continue reading

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Weyerbacher’s "Imperial Pumpkin Ale" Re-tooled in ’10?

    Here it comes, another Pumpkin Beer Review… Go! My love for pumpkin beer goes back a few years, so I have become somewhat familiar with what ones are available to me locally here in NJ. I have become familiar with … Continue reading

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Shipyard’s "Smashed Pumpkin"

    Continuing deeper down the road known as my obsession with pumpkin beer, I found myself on the hunt again! Since the end of summer I have expressed my feelings for pumpkin beer on the twittersphere. Quite a few of my … Continue reading

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Crispin Cider Series #4 "The Cider Trifecta"

    As we get deeper into the Fall season, I am sure you have seen scores of seasonal beers. I am also sure you have noticed all the hard cider offerings that have hit the taps and the shelves. If you … Continue reading

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