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Bolero Snort “Long Hop” and “Oaked Long Hop” IPA’s

       As an amateur home brewer I have gained a massive appreciation for all the work that goes into the craft beer that I enjoy. Brewing your own beer is not incredibly hard, but there is some work involved. Home brewing … Continue reading

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Troegs “Nugget Nectar”

     I have talked about hoppy beers trending in the U.S. in prior posts and the hop heads that can’t get enough ofthem. Breweries on the West Coast  seem to pump out a large number of these hop bombs. However, I … Continue reading

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Terrapin “Wake-n-Bake” Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

      There is another beverage that I enjoy just as much as beer! I find Coffee to be just as much an adventure as beer, and sometimes coffee is a down right necessity for me! I like to start my day … Continue reading

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Rock Art Brewery’s “Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout”

      Many times I have stepped up on my soap box and preached my love of Pumpkin Beer! I try my best to let people know that the world of Pumpkin Ale is a vast and very tasty one! Typically I … Continue reading

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1 Year Anniversary Review! – The Lost Abbey’s “The Angel’s Share” Barley Wine

      Ever had a thinking beer? A beer that just blows your mind? A beer that keeps you on your toes the whole time you are drinking it? These are some of my favorite beers. I really enjoy when I come … Continue reading

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Williamsburg Alewerks “Tavern Ale”

      It’s great to see all the creativity that breweries have when it comes to making their beers. You can find beer in many styles made with some wild ingredients these days. It is great to have such variety, but sometimes even … Continue reading

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Flying Fish “Grand Cru Winter Reserve”

      Part of the wonderful thing about craft beer is that for the most part you don’t have to go very far to find it here in the U.S.. The craft beer market seems to be a fast growing market over … Continue reading

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My 100th Brew Review ~ Moylan’s “Hopsickle” Imperial IPA

      Time for a change up. In the past few posts I have been embracing winter and thebrews that come with it. However, I am now looking forward to warmer weather and want to get back to some hoppier brews that … Continue reading

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