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Evolution Craft Brewing Co. “Rice Rice Baby” Brown Ale

      Last week I happened to be in the first state, also known as Delaware. For me, a trip to Delaware is not complete without filling my growler at the Evolution Brewing Co. in Delmar, DE. I walked into the brewery … Continue reading

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Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. “Drifter” Pale Ale

      I enjoy giving my opinion on beer. I really like to suggest good craft beers to others, but equally I like when others suggest a good brew to me. Even better, and I think we would all agree is when … Continue reading

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Ithaca Beer Co. “Cascazilla” Red Ale(?)

      Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day this past week! Being Irish myself I wanted to have a pint of something different this year rather than a typical Dry Irish Stout, or traditional Irish Red Ale. I was … Continue reading

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Sierra Nevada’s 2011 “Bigfoot” Barley Wine Style Ale

There have been rumors and hoaxes about it. There are movies, T.V. shows and countless documentaries dedicated to it. Some call it the “Missing Link”, some call it “Big Red Eye”, and some call it “Skunk Ape”. Scientists call it … Continue reading

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Terrapin “Moo-Hoo” Chocolate Milk Stout

      Everyone loves dessert. Seriously, I have never met someone who doesn’t look forward to something sweet as a treat. Have you ever thought about having a beer with your dessert, or even for dessert? Just as you might pair a … Continue reading

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Allagash “White” Belgian Witbier

      It won’t be long until Spring will be here and with it warmer weather! The grill comes out to play again and we will be spending more time outside in general. I have enjoyed all the big, bold brews that … Continue reading

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North Coast Brewing Co.’s 2010 “Old Stock Ale” Barley Wine

      When is Wine not really Wine? When it is Beer! Barley Wine to be more specific. Despite the name of this style, Barley Wine does not taste like wine. Rather, the wine part comes from this brew’s higher alcohol content. … Continue reading

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Pangaea Beer Co’s “Liljas Sasquatch Stout”

      This past weekend I went to my local brew store and mixed a six-pack. I find mixing a six is perfect for beer lovers like myself that are uncomfortable with committing to six of the same beers! Plus this gives … Continue reading

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Choc Beer “Meers Gold”

      It is not very often that I find myself in possession of a beer that may be the only one in existence in New Jersey! Back in December that is just the lucky situation I found myself to be in. … Continue reading

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