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Ayinger “Celebrator”

      I’ve probably said this before, but it doesn’t hurt to stress it again. To respect American craft beer, we have to respect where its roots! It’s easy to stroll down the micro/craft suds aisle and grab great brews from excellent … Continue reading

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Uinta Brewing – Crooked Line Series “Labryrinth”

      Decisions, decisions… I am sure I have mentioned before that I tend to get lost sometimes in the brew store! I wander the aisles and cases for way too long. I am like a kid in a candy store. I … Continue reading

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Founders “Curmudgeon’s Better Half”

      The use of oak / bourbon barrels is really a huge thing now in craft beer. It’s actually very practical and genius. A brewery makes a beer, and that beer may be great right out of the fermenter. However, let … Continue reading

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New Holland “Dragon’s Milk”

      At some point in life, usually during adolescence everyone (boy or girl) dreams about living in medieval times with dragons! Boys want to slay the dragons, and girls want to be rescued from them! It’s a win-win, unless the dragon … Continue reading

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Firestone Walker – Mission St. “2012 Anniversary Ale”

     Many Moon’s ago I wrote a series of reviews on several really good brews available for cheap at Trader Joe’s. I think it is time to revisit this series with a new addition. As I stated in the past reviews … Continue reading

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