5th Annual Thanksgiving Pumpkin Ale Top 10 List

     It’s hard for me to believe that this is the 5th installment of my yearly Pumpkin Ale Top 10 List! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you are all enjoying whatever beer makes you happy this holiday! Here is the list of my favorite Pumpkin Ales from 2015. As always, if some brews from last year’s list did not make this year’s list; it’s not because I am not a fan of those beers anymore. It is only that I didn’t get a chance to revisit them in 2015. Don’t forget to leave a comment on your thoughts of this list or past Top 10 lists, and leave suggestions on pumpkin beers I should look out for in 2016! Here’s to Good Beers!

1: 21st AmendmentHe Said

2: TroegsMaster of Pumpkins

3: Buffalo Bill’sBlack Pumpkin

4: Steven’s PointWhole Hog Pumpkin Ale

5: Southern TierRum Barrel Aged Pumking

6: Downeast Cider HousePumpkin Blend

7: Two RoadsRoadsmary’s Baby

8: ManayunkYunkin’ Pumpkin

9: Applewood WineryNaked Flock Pumpkin Cider

10: Big Muddy Brewing CoPumpkin Smasher











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