Allagash “Curieux”

      One thing you have to give the craft beer scene credit for is creativity! That is one of the very first things I noticed about craft brew. Before I knew what craft or micro brewed beer was I always noticed all the crazy and colorful labels on my way to the macro beer isle. Oh and the names they give these beers are just as crazy! That can be a little overwhelming to a craft beer novice, but can be easily over come with some friendly guidance. Even now I sometimes get intrigued by beer’s artwork or it’s name! Recently my curiosity was peeked by the name of a very tasty brew.
       Allagash’sCurieux” is their Abbey Tripel Aged in Jim Beam Rum Barrels. It pours a hazy golden yellow color, with a one finger white lasting head. The aroma immediately fills the room when the cork comes off! The smells are fruit (like ripe peaches drizzled with honey), yeast, cloves, vanilla and rum. The taste is spicy upfront with cinnamon and cloves and then is complimented with peach, apple, vanilla bean and big bold rum! The 11% abv is just right for this brew and warms the palate very quickly. The flavors reveal in layers; spicy, fruity, sweet and then that robust bourbon flavor. The mouthfeel is full, creamy and smooth. This beer finishes like a nice smooth rum with a spicy vanilla aftertaste! This is a wonderfully flavorful brew that can be enjoyed over the course of a night or shared with a friend. A tasty sipping beer! Here’s to Good Beers!
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