Abita Brewing Company “SOS (Save Our Shore) Imperial Pilsner

Continuing along with last week’s summer brew post, I mentioned that a light Pilsner or Lager seems to traditionally be the go to summer beer for most. However, I rather enjoy bigger flavored beers no matter what season it is! I don’t believe in sacrificing taste for caloric intake’s sake when I have a beer! Summer beer can be drinkable and incredibly tasty! And if it supports the environment at the same time that my friends is a Win-Win! Allow me to suggest such a tasty brew with a cause!
Abita Brewing Company’sSOS (Save Our Shore)Imperial Pilsner or as the bottle calls it “unfiltered Weizen Pils”, pours a golden hazy straw yellow. It is topped with a two finger thick fluffy white head. The aromatics are immediately noticeable from arms length distance, with smells of wheat, grain, light caramel, hops and floral honey. The taste starts out grassy with wheat and bitter hops and opens up with hints of citrus, honey and sweet biscuit. The finish is biscuity with a hoppy bite. The mouthfeel is thin and crisp. Despite this beer’s 7% ABV it is really refreshing, light and very drinkable! Not only do you get a big tasty beer, but when you purchase this brew Abita will donate $0.75 to the SOS Fund to help restore the gulf coast that was damaged from last years oil spill disaster! Look for this charitable Pilsner and pick one up today. Here’s to Good Beers!
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3 Responses to Abita Brewing Company “SOS (Save Our Shore) Imperial Pilsner

  1. Rick says:

    Have had this before and I really enjoy it not amazing but still an enjoyable beer. I really like the idea behind the beer as well. Not a bad price for a bomber either. Nice review.

  2. BrewThusiast says:

    Thanks for checkin out the review! I agree that the price point is excellent! It is def worth at least one try! Cheers!

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