Allagash Tripel Reserve

This Abbey Style Tripel was on tap at my favorite pub recently. I have always enjoyed the spicy quality that Belgian style beers tend to offer, so was looking forward to a real treat when I ordered this. It came to me in a Trappist glass. It was a very cloudy yellow-gold with a pencil thick white head. There was a delightful spicy aroma with a hint of lemon. There were a lot of flavors to be found in this brew. I was able to identify banana, clove, honey, citrus and a yeasty flavor. It had a medium mouth feel with a good amount of carbonation, along with some solid lacing action. Among all the great flavors, the 9.0% abv. was not a dominant player. Each mouthful was like a flavor hunt with a crisp, dry finish and a great aftertaste. As far as an after dinner brew goes, this brew is a spicy golden treat for sure. Allagash does this brew right! Here’s to Good Beers!

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