Applewood Winery “Naked Flock Pumpkin Ultra Premium Hard Cider”

Returning to my annual fall pumpkin beer series, I chose to explore another pumpkin cider. I did enjoy the last one I reviewed, so I was much less hesitant to check out another one. You all know what pumpkin brews I have been checking out. Feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts on my past reviews or leave suggestions on great brews I should look out for!
Applewood Winery Naked Flock Pumpkin Ultra Premium Hard Cider pours clear yellow with a fizzy white super thin head. The aroma is pleasantly Autumn with apple cider, honey and spicy Yeast. The taste follows the aroma for the most part with the depth of flavor I believe is attributed to the use of pumpkin meat. This cider is incredibly drinkable. It has a thin and watery mouth-feel. The finish is delightful with more great apple cider honey and spice. Don’t go into this really tasty cider expecting pumpkin pie. Realize that pumpkin meat without spices has very little flavor but offers complex sugars that are great for yeast to consume in the fermenting process! That really comes through in this. This is a great fall cider. Here’s to good beers!

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