Baird / Ishii / Stone “Japanese Green Tea IPA”

      I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of when Craft Beer sponsors a good cause. I am totally all about any craft brew that gives back. It is just another validation that the craft beer movement is made up of quality people, that enjoy a quality product and care about this earth as well as the people in it. That is a special thing. The more one gets involved in craft beer, the more one understands that the community involved is a very welcoming and generous one. This year Japan, as we all know was hit by a major tsunami as result of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the pacific coast of Tōhoku. Multiple craft breweries have collaborated to make a very tasty and unique beer. All sales proceeds from this brew are donated to Japanese tsunami relief programs.
       Baird Brewing Co., Ishii Brewing Co., and Stone Brewing Co.’sJapanese Green Tea IPA” pours a clear orange with yeast floaties, topped by a white one finger thick head. The aroma is malty sweet with a hint of alcohol and notes of herbal green tea and citrus. From the very first sip this is a very unique tasty beer, in a good way. There are lots of great citrus flavors; grapefruit mandarin orange and lemon zest. This is followed by a sweet malty caramel taste, and then the delicious hop infused green tea flavor takes center stage. The mouthfeel is medium and oily with very little carbonation. The finish is hoppy and hot from the 9.2% ABV. Do your part and grab a bottle of this fine collaboration Craft Beer, and know that you are helping contribute to those who have faced disaster in Japan this year! Here’s to Good Beers!
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