Ballast Point “Grapefruit Sculpin”

      Piggybacking off of last week’s post, I’m still looking for beers to remind me of spring! Even as I write this, (03.04.15) another winter storm is due to vomit several more inches of snow on my home state of NJ. I love scouts and winter beers, but at this point I need something a little more bright and fruity in flavor to remind me of warmer days!
      Ballast PointGrapefruit Sculpin” IPA pours a clear golden color with a thin white head. The aroma is full on hops and ripe Grapefruit. The taste starts like a classic Sculpin, with toasted malt and delicious piney hops. Then the ripe and juicy grapefruit flavor quickly comes forward. It is seriously the most amazingly intense citrus I’ve had in an IPA to date. The mouth-feel is medium with moderate carbonation and the 7%abv is just enough to give off a little warmth. The finish is bitter with grapefruit zest. I will be stocking up on this! I suggest you do the same! Here’s to Good Beers!

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