Beer and Zombies (Part 2)

     This is part two of my Beerventure at the “Zom-Brew-Thon” my good friend hosted last week! Just to re-cap, last post I reviewed the beer that I brought. Now to check out a brew someone else brought. As I Looked through my friend’s fully beer stocked fridge, I saw a couple things that caught my eye. The first thing I saw was Smutty Nose “Hanami Ale”. This is the current Seasonal beer from Smutty Nose. It is brewed with fresh cherries. This is the time when people flock to see the beautiful cherry blossoms bloom in Japan.
     It poured a dark amber, almost red color. The head was huge, off white and sudsy. The aroma was fruity and had a wine smell to it. I was reminded of drinking out of a juice box as a child. It did indeed taste like cherry juice; Like a slightly sour cherry juice with a tart bite in the finish. The carbonation was very light, and it had a thin mouthfeel. This seemed less like a beer to me and more in the style of a Lambic. These were my thoughts until I looked at my friends big screen t.v. to see a zombie’s head get blown off! Then this reddish juicy beer looked more like the blood splattering all across the t.v.. Overall I have not had all that many fruit beers, which is mainly why this brew caught my eye. I was not sure how I liked it, until I finished it and actually thought I could go for another one. This was not bad. There was one left in my zombie loving friend’s fridge at the end of the night… It is in my fridge now! I am interested in having more fruit beers, and Lambic style beers in the future. I thought maybe it would go nicely with a dessert of the chocolate variety, under a cherry blossom tree. You don’t have to live in Japan to enjoy Cherry Blossoms or Hanami Ale! Here’s to Good Beers!

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