Beer and Zombies (Part 3)

     Here is the third and final installment of my “Beer and Zombies” series. Sponsored by my very good friend and his “Zom-Brew-Thon“! I returned for the last time to my friend’s fridge to check out one more brew. I shuffled through the remaining  six-packs. After the fruit beer (see previous post) I was ready to get back to a more hearty beer experience. I was in luck, Fullers “London Porter”. There is always some surprise waiting for me in a porter.

     I knew I was in for something good as I poured it. It was very dark black. The head was two fingers thick, foamy, and a khaki tan. The smell was delightful. There was a musty, roasted smell. Then there was another smell, it reminded me of caramelized sugar like on top of a creme brulee. It did not taste like a creme brulee though. It was slightly sweet and salty. It had a great roasted chocolate and coffee taste. The lower 5.4% abv keeps this brew very friendly despite all of its many flavors.  The mouthfeel was smooth and rich but not too thick. It had a excellent head retention but no lacing. I should say that I chose to pair this beer with my friend’s home made chili. It turned out to be a great pairing. Although I will say, eating chili while watching zombie movies… It took some effort mentally to separate what I have on my spoon from what was being displayed on the t.v.. The label on this beer was incredibly accurate, “Rich, Dark, Complex”. Here’s to Good Beers!
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2 Responses to Beer and Zombies (Part 3)

  1. Daniel says:

    Okay, now I'm sure I'm really going to dig this blog.

    I'm a huge fan of both zombies, chili and, of course, beer. My friend and I have entered a couple chili cookoffs and hope to do more in the future; I even wrote a short zombie film about a year ago. So you are definitely a man after my own heart.

    Now, while I love porter, I haven't tried Fullers. I have heard, however, that it's one of the best examples of the style out there. I'll try to pick it up next time I'm out. I have had the Fullers ESB and love it.


  2. Jym says:

    Glad to meet another Zombie / Chili / Beer guy! I would have to say this is one of the best Porters I have ever tried. It is the full package! I have not had the Fullers ESB but I will be on the Look out for it!

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