Birra Moretti "La Rossa"

    One great thing about craft beer drinkers and brewers, is how generous they tend to be. I have noticed this over the past year. Those who appreciate craft beer are more inclined to be generous with their beer towards others who enjoy good beer. Brewers also like to encourage those who support craft beer to try their product. I have noticed that craft beer is more than just beer. It is bigger than that, it is a community full of great people, ideas, dreams, and well… amazing beer. I received a generous package myself not very long ago from Birra Moretti. It contained two beers. I enjoyed both, but really found myself attached to one more than the other!
    My package from Birra Moretti included their traditional “Birra Moretti”, it is in the style of a pale lager and has been the same since 1859. While drinking this beer I thought that this would be a great gateway beer. In my opinion it is a more flavorful option for a beer drinker that is familiar with say one of the “Big Three” beers (Bud, Coors, and Miller). It was refreshing and richer in flavor, but not over the top. I would definitely suggest it to friends of mine who might be willing to try something new but are hesitant. The second beer in my package was their “La Rossa doppelbock. This was my favorite of the two. It poured a slightly hazy deep chestnut color and had a thick creamy beige head. The aroma was bready and sweet, mostly figs and raisins, followed with a hint of caramel. The taste was spot on for a solid doppelbock. Initially smokey with a bit of caramel. There was a Hint of dark chocolate flavor, and strong dark fruitiness. The finish had just the right amount of hops bitterness. La Rossa had a creamy, smooth medium mouthfeel. The 7.2% ABV is hardly noticeable. So to Birra Moretti I would like to say Grazie! Here’s to Good Beer!
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