Black Sheep Brewey “Riggwelter”

      Back in the late ’90’s there was a BBC produced cooking show about two overweight women whoRiggwelter traveled to scenic European landmarks and cooked for the interesting people. These people usually worked at or were in charge of these interesting places. It was first imported to the U.S. by PBS and later by the very new cable station; Food Network. One of the places the “Two Fat Ladies” visited was the Black Sheep Brewery in North Yorkshire, England to cook breakfast for the brewery workers. I recently stumbled across the very beer that was being brewed in the episode and could not resist checking it out!
      The Black Sheep Brewery’s “Riggwelter – Yorkshire Ale” is an English Strong Ale and was the brew in the “Copper” at the time of the Two Fat Ladies Episode. It pours a deep and dark brown color with red edges. A two finger thick, soft white head provides for nice lacing. The aromas is sweet fruit, malt and molasses, with light coffee notes. The taste delivers toffee, bitter cocoa and hints of licorice. It has a satisfying medium mouthfeel and a long bitter-sweet finish with a hint of caramel in the end. This is an outstanding beer and you should find it and stock up! In the words of the Two Fat Ladies, “Here’s to the Black Sheep, and all who follow her!” Here’s to Good Beers!

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  1. Jill Gordon says:

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