Breckenridge “471 Small Batch” IPA

      I rarely review two beers of the same style back to back in order to keep things fresh, but why not just this once! Again I found myself in the mood for an Imperial/Double IPA this week. My local brew store had a some great choices but I was drawn to a 22oz bottle from a brewery in Denver, Colorado that I have only heard of, but never tried any beer from. Denver, if you did not know pumps out some of the best beers in the country! So being the adventurer that I am, I had to try it! Don’t be afraid to try new beers, I can never stress that enough!
      I found a 22oz bottle of Breckenridge Brewery’s 471 Small Batch IPA” for just under $8 bucks! It poured a hazy golden, sunset orange color, topped by an off-white soapy head. A fresh grapefruit aroma surrounded me as I poured the beer. I could also smell hints of pine sap, vanilla and caramel. The taste was very citrusy upfront but gave way to smooth vanilla and toffee, followed by bitter piney hops. It had a medium mouthfeel with soft carbonation. The finish was smooth and slightly syrupy. The 9.2% ABV is controlled extremely well, making this maybe a little too easy to drink! This is a great flavorful, hoppy beer, and the price is right as well! Be adventurous next time you see a craft beer you have not tried before! Here’s to Good Beers!
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4 Responses to Breckenridge “471 Small Batch” IPA

  1. Ray Pipher says:

    Can’t get ENOUGH of these reviews dude!! Keep up the great work!

  2. BrewThusiast says:

    Thanks Ray! You Rock Sir! Thanks for Checking out the site and Loving Good Beer!

  3. Rob says:

    This is probably my favorite beer from Breckenridge Brewery. They were a new brewery to come to S. Florida around 6 or 8 months ago. I’ve tried most and this is clearly a standout. Their normal Lucky U IPA is pretty boring, though their Vanilla Porter is widely liked. I don’t remember the price, and mine was a 12 ounce bottle, but $8 sounds a little hefty. But I’ve certainly paid more for much lesser beers.

    • BrewThusiast says:

      This being my first brew from Breckenridge, I now look forward to more! I will be on the look out for the Vanilla Porter! Cheers!

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