Brouwerij Bosteels “Tripel Karmeliet”

      There are some beers in this world that are just classic and timeless. I often find myself drinking many different beers. I have commitment issues with beer. I am always looking to try something new. There are very few beers that I must have more than once. There are beers that I would not mind having again, but not many that I go out of my way to drink more than once. So for me to claim a beer as one of my solid favorites is a big thing for me! That being said, I know I am not the only one that loves this particular beer, this brew is loved by many and much has been written about it. This is just my experience with an excellent brew!
       Brouwerji BosteelsTripel Karmeliet” Abbey Tripel is loved all over the world. I have had the pleasure to have it on tap and from the bottle. I recently found a loose lonely bottle sitting on a shelf at my local brew store begging to come home with me. This delicious Belgian brew poured a cloudy, yellow, raw honey color with a large three finger thick white foamy head. The aroma was very unique with malt, lemon, yeast, spice and banana. The taste matched the aroma for the most part, along with floral notes, sweet yeast and spices. The mouthfeel was medium with moderate carbonation, and the finish is spicy and dry. This brew was incredibly refreshing, tasty and easy to drink. I barely noticed the 8% ABV. This beer is great on its own or paired with cheese! Here’s to Good Beers!
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  1. Rob says:

    I think this is my favorite Belgian Beer. This guy at my local liquor store kept yammering on and on and on about it until I finally caved in and bought a wine bottle of it. One of the best recommendations I’ve had, and I proceeded to drink the entire bottle myself one lazy weekend day. And like you, I usually pick up something new with a zillion options, but I’ve come back to this one a few other times since.

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