Carton Brewing Company’s “Something Like Sandy” Sour Milk Stout

       It is a known fact to most who know me, or read this blog I am a proud resident of NJ!Sour Milk Stout
My pride has grown even stronger after seeing the people of my great Garden State pull together and help each other (and are still helping each other) work towards complete recovery from Super Storm Sandy. Even more awesome, has been the eagerness of some local breweries to help support the recovery efforts!
       Carton Brewing Company, located in Atlantic Highlands, NJ was affected by Sandy like most businesses in NJ. Carton just passed it’s second anniversary as a brewery, and for that milestone has recreated a beer that Sandy altered almost a year ago! (Click Here to Watch Video) “Something Like Sandy” is a Sour Ale version of Carton’s Milk Stout, and it is like nothing I’ve had in beer before. “Something Like Sandy” pours a jet black color, topped by a two finger thick, lasting beige head. It smells spot on for a Milk Stout, with chocolate and malty aromas. At first sip it even tastes just like a Milk Stout. However, the sweet and chocolaty flavors quickly fade, and the tart lemon & citrus sourness of this beer immediately wakes up the taste buds! It’s a very cool experience, how the sour and chocolate toasty flavors play so well together. The body is a little on the thin side with moderate carbonation. The 6% abv. is very gentle and is only faintly noticeable. The finish transitions from Sour Ale, back to the Milk Stout. It is truly like getting two really tasty beers in one! Their may still be some of this beautiful beer out in the NJ area! Get some before it is gone! I did read that some of the proceeds of “Something Like Sandy” would benefit the NJ Sandy Relief Fund. Happy 2nd Anniversary Carton Brewing Company! Here’s to Good Beers!

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3 Responses to Carton Brewing Company’s “Something Like Sandy” Sour Milk Stout

  1. Tim Hitchings says:

    Yup great brew. The closest I’ve had to this is Cricket hill sour burbon barrel porter

  2. Vin says:

    I need to check this out, looks like it was added to the tap list the day after I was at a place. Great NJ beer + Sour + charity is pretty much a win across the board for me

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