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Troegs “Nugget Nectar”

     I have talked about hoppy beers trending in the U.S. in prior posts and the hop heads that can’t get enough ofthem. Breweries on the West Coast  seem to pump out a large number of these hop bombs. However, I … Continue reading

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Evolution’s "Jacques Au Lantern"

    Every fall I pick up where I left off on my perpetual journey to seek out good craft Pumpkin Beers. I am a pumpkin beer junkie! Sometimes I think pumpkin beer may be my absolute favorite type of beer! I … Continue reading

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Stone Brewing Co.’s "Levitation Ale", Session Worthy

    Everything in moderation. This is especially true when it comes to beer, or is it. Most beers should be consumed in moderation because of their moderate to high ABV’s. But what about those of us that are responsible with beer … Continue reading

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The Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale

    One thing I love is when Craft Breweries send Representatives out to local Beer Bars to push their beer! I enjoy this because it usually means a couple of things. Most importantly it means that there will be good beer … Continue reading

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