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Big Boss Brewing “Monkey Bizz-Ness”

      With summer right around the corner I find myself looking for fun and interesting brews to enjoy outside. Something versatile that can pair with grilling, hanging in the hammock, or by a campfire. Something different from the “Summer” labeled and … Continue reading

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“N’ICE Chouffe”

      I hope everyone who celebrates it, had an amazing and Merry Christmas. I’ve had fun the past three weeks doing reviews again as I did when I first started this blog! However I just wouldn’t be able to do this … Continue reading

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Ommegang “Three Phillosophers”

      It’s no secret that beer pairs well with food. Beer can be paired with every meal of the day in deliciously clever ways. But beer goes so much further than that. We also pair beer with events, events that involve … Continue reading

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Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck’s “Kasteel Bruin or Donker”

      I realize that I mostly review American Craft Beer on this site. Let it be known I enjoy all good beer from around the world! Over the past couple years I have had the pleasure of enjoying some excellent Belgian … Continue reading

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Unibroue “16”

      I have mentioned in the past that the craft beer community is a very generous community. The craft beer community would love everyone to know that there is plenty of better quality brew in the world than T.V and billboards … Continue reading

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Lagunitas “Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale” Belgian Strong Ale

      There is something to be said about a good Belgian Strong Ale. I personally find this style of beer to be equally refreshing and enjoyable no matter what the season is. This may be due to the fact that the … Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s / Unibroue “2010 Vintage Ale”

     Every once in a while a deal comes along that you just can not afford to pass on. Back in the summer I did a series of reviews on very tasty and affordable beer from Trader Joe’s. Not only does … Continue reading

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Stone Brewing Co.’s "10.10.10 Vertical Epic Ale"

As aCraft Beer Drinker, I especially enjoy being thrown curve balls. I mean it is nice to pick up a certain style of beer and have it taste just like it should, but I equally enjoy when a brewery takes … Continue reading

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North Coast "PranQster"

    A couple posts ago I talked a bit about mixing 6 packs. I listed some reasons why one would want to buy several different beers instead of six of the same. I have another reason to add to said list. … Continue reading

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Mix a Six / "Trois Pistoles"

Recently I mixed a six-pack of beer. I love when a brew store let’s you have the freedom to do that. I always feel like I have endless options when I mix a six! I can pick six completely different … Continue reading

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