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Kuka Banana Nut

      Years ago I reviewed a very popular Banana Beer. It was a fun novelty, but I didn’t love it. Nor have I had it since. It just seemed too candy-like for me. Faux banana flavor was not what I was … Continue reading

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James E Pepper “1776 American Brown Ale”

      Barrel aged beers… It’s brilliant, and I’m sure I’ve said this before. You take an already great beer, then age it in whiskey or bourbon barrels. Two completely different beers from the same brew! A new whiskey barrel aged beer … Continue reading

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Slumbrew’s Attic & Eaves

      If you follow any of my Social Media Accounts, you have seen this beer a couple times recently. I rarely drink the same beer twice within a year. Even more rare is when I drink the same beer twice in … Continue reading

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Firestone Walker – Mission St. “2012 Anniversary Ale”

     Many Moon’s ago I wrote a series of reviews on several really good brews available for cheap at Trader Joe’s. I think it is time to revisit this series with a new addition. As I stated in the past reviews … Continue reading

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Evolution Craft Brewing Co. “Rice Rice Baby” Brown Ale

      Last week I happened to be in the first state, also known as Delaware. For me, a trip to Delaware is not complete without filling my growler at the Evolution Brewing Co. in Delmar, DE. I walked into the brewery … Continue reading

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Williamsburg Alewerks “Tavern Ale”

      It’s great to see all the creativity that breweries have when it comes to making their beers. You can find beer in many styles made with some wild ingredients these days. It is great to have such variety, but sometimes even … Continue reading

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Sierra Nevada “Tumbler”

     Here in NJ it is getting cold, really cold! In other parts of the country snow is being shoveled, and people arestarting to make holiday plans. Don’t let the fact that it is December fool you. Until the 21st it … Continue reading

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Victory Brewing Co. Tweet Up / Victory Village Brown Ale

In the not so distant past I had the honor of being invited to a Tweet Up at the Victory Brewing Co in Downing Town, PA. I have not been doing this blog terribly long, so I was really stoked … Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s Brews Series #5 "Black Toad"

This summer I wanted to try as many

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