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Weyerbacher “Sunday Morning Stout”

      If I were to spit out these letters… KBS or, BCBS, you would know exactly what I was talking about. Incredibly desirable barrel aged beer. The kind of beer that people pay exorbitant amounts of money to get a 12oz bottle … Continue reading

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Abita “Macchiato Espresso Milk Stout”

      Coffee, a delicious morning staple in the lives of most adults! Combine it with beer (a delicious adult beverage), and you have a flavor combo that rivals peanut butter and chocolate IMO! I’ve always loved coffee porters and stouts, but … Continue reading

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Big Boss Brewing “Aces & Ates”

      It’s starting to get cold here in NJ. This is the time of year when I look for my beers to be a little more… complex. Something a little heavier, darker, maltier, and thicker. Yes and the mercury goes down, … Continue reading

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Sixpoint “3 Beans”

     One thing I am really loving in the craft beer scene is all the canning going on lately. It seems like everyday I am hearing of more breweries moving toward cans. It’s about time good beer reclaimed the can! I … Continue reading

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Founders “Frangelic Mountain Brown” / BrewThusiast’s Summer Vacation

      Happy Independence Day Everyone! Yes it is July already and summer is here and it is hot! This is not ideal weather for coffee lovers. Unless you get your joe iced. What about that secret third option… Coffee Beer? Can … Continue reading

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Terrapin “Wake-n-Bake” Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

      There is another beverage that I enjoy just as much as beer! I find Coffee to be just as much an adventure as beer, and sometimes coffee is a down right necessity for me! I like to start my day … Continue reading

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Coffee Beer: Planet Bean

I recently came across the Spring House Brewing Co.’s Planet Bean Coffee Stout on tap. In addition to beer, I am also a coffee fan, so I get really excited to try a coffee beer! This was served to me … Continue reading

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