Choc Beer “Meers Gold”

      It is not very often that I find myself in possession of a beer that may be the only one in existence in New Jersey! Back in December that is just the lucky situation I found myself to be in. An old childhood friend of mine whom I had not seen in over 10 years was moving back to the East Coast from Oklahoma, and over Christmas was going to be in Jersey visiting family. She was very thoughtful and hooked me up with a beer that is only sold in one place in the OK state! I did not drink it right away. I just kinda held onto it and looked at it every once and a while. I knew that after I had drank it I would probably not have it again unless I personally went to Meers, OK. That being said, onto the brew!
      “Meers Gold Beer” is brewed by Pete’s Place / Krebs Brewing, under the name Choc Beer for Meers Store and Restaurant in Meers, OK. This brew is conditioned in 22oz bottles and is meant to exclusively compliment the “World Famous Meersburger”. This brew pours a cloudy straw yellow, with a two finger thick white head that only sticks around for a couple minutes. The aroma is earthy with grass, wheat, and malt. The taste is light, sweet, yeasty, with hints of wheat. The mouthfeel is slightly thin, and the finish is short and sweet. There is very little information about this brew on the internet, and the ABV is not listed on the label. So I called Meers and found out that this beer is a very sessionable 3.2% ABV. The only thing that I was left wanting was the burger that this beer was designed to accompany! Regardless, I was very grateful to have gotten a hold of a brew that I probably would not have, if it were not for an old friend! If you happen to find yourself in Oklahoma, check out Meers Store and Restaurant”, and have yourself a Crazy Big Hamburger and a “Meers Gold Beer”! Here’s to Good Beers!
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