Cider Series #5: Fox Barrel “Pear Cider”

     Sometimes it’s the most simple things that have the ability to make time just stop for a second, and help us slow down. It could be anything. I know as a beer blogger it is easy for me to get caught up in wanting to try big complex beers all the time. Although there is something nice about a low abv, simple clean tasting beer that doesn’t need much thought. I think these can be the most enjoyable at times! Along those lines a nice crisp clean hard cider can be quite a treat as well.
     I am almost to the end of the generous package sent to me a couple months ago by Crispin Cider. One bottle of cider I have been holding on to is the Fox BarrelPear Cider”. After having their “Black Currant Cider”, I had no doubt this would be a great tasting cider! It poured a very clear pale yellow, and produced a very short lived thin, white head. There was a strong, ripe pear aroma mixed with candied sugar that was very alluring! The taste was just as pleasing as the smell! It tasted like the most ripe, sweetest pear I could ever hope to bite into! Plain and simple, it tasted like sweat juicy pears! This was very effervescent, refreshing and sessionable at 4.5% ABV! I’d say this Pear Cider is best enjoyed any time of the year! Hears to Good Beers (And Cider)!
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2 Responses to Cider Series #5: Fox Barrel “Pear Cider”

  1. Beer Cruiser says:

    I wish i could get some of these ciders from Fox Barrel…I like all of the Crispin Ciders I’ve had so far…The mid-atlantic contact for Crispin was very visible for Baltimore Beer Week, then I haven’t heard anything from him in the last 2 plus months…Big Bummer for me. Keep up the good work.


    • BrewThusiast says:

      Thanks! We do get Fox Barrel Here in NJ in the town where I work. Crispin Sent the Pear and Black Currant Cider from Fox Barrel to me. I was told via twitter a couple weeks ago that Crispin was gonna send me some of that “Jacket” you were talking about. I Think they are just busy. It’s all good. They really did turn me around as far as my opinion on Hard Cider!

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