Clown Shoes “Pecan Pie Porter”

      It’s always fun for me to do a series on pumpkin beers every fall. However, Thanksgiving isPecan Pie Porter next week and while there definitely will be pumpkin beer at my table, I’m also looking for some kind of dessert beer to go with my Thanksgiving feast. Normally I would be looking toward a chocolate stout or something chocolaty sweet in that nature, or fruity beer to accompany slice of pie. It just so happens that last week I ran across a beer that I think will  accentuate my Thanksgiving dessert perfectly.
      Clown ShoesPecan Pie Porter” pours a deep and dark brown color with big creamy, beige head. The aroma is inviting with notes of sticky malt, roasted pecans, and toasted marshmallows. The taste does start out sweet but gets more complex with the flavors of smoke, chocolate, brown sugar, and vanilla. The 8% ABV is just warming enough to be comforting after such a feast on a cold fall night. Another interesting thing about this beer is that it is a blended beer, it’s 25% Bourbon barrel aged. The mouth feel is medium and creamy. The finish is sweet and nutty, with a touch of alcohol. This is definitely a beer that I want to have that my Thanksgiving table to share with friends and loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Here’s to Good Beers!

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