Coffee Beer: Planet Bean

I recently came across the Spring House Brewing Co.’s Planet Bean Coffee Stout on tap. In addition to beer, I am also a coffee fan, so I get really excited to try a coffee beer! This was served to me in a Trappist glass. It probably should have come in an English pint glass though. It looked impressively dark brown, with a thin caramel head that dissipated pretty quickly. It smelled like chocolate and roasted malts. The first sip hit me with a big roasted coffee flavor with some chocolate. There was nothing bitter about it, and it had almost no carbonation or lacing in the glass. According to the Spring House description it only has 30 IBU’s. For as dark as it was I expected it to be a little more thick and creamy. I will say that this brew did do a great job of hiding its 7% abv. It had a rather thin mouth feel that made it easily drinkable. This was a pretty good brew, it had a wonderful aroma and flavor, I was just a little thrown off by its thin body. I did enjoy its coffee goodness, and would not hesitate to have it again on tap! Here’s to good beers!

Photo © from Spring House Brewing Co.

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