Cricket Hill Brewery’s “Fall Festivus Ale”

      Fall is a great time of year. Yes we are saying goodbye to warm weather and it will get darker earlier, but Fall has many great qualities. Once Halloween hits everyone starts getting ready for holiday parties and spending time with friends and family. Then before you know it Spring will be here. Well, maybe that is a very condensed version. However, Fall is a great time for Craft Beer lovers! Aside from my favorite Pumpkin Ales, there are plenty of Fall seasonal offerings breweries load the shelves with! Allow me to suggest one from my home state of New Jersey!
       Cricket Hill Brewery’sFall Festivus Ale” is a tasty ESB that pours a cloudy golden amber color, with a one finger thick white head. The aroma is bready and earthy with notes of toast, caramel, and faint citrus. The taste is dead on with the aroma, with the addition of some bitter grassy hops flavors. The mouthfeel is thin with sharp carbonation and the finish is bitter, hoppy and dry. At around 5.1% ABV this makes for a great session brew to sit outside by a fire with friends on a crisp Autumn evening. Go out and enjoy the harvest of brews this Fall season has to offer! Here’s to Good Beers!
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2 Responses to Cricket Hill Brewery’s “Fall Festivus Ale”

  1. Dude! rock the pumpkin ales! keep em coming! We cant get pumpkin here so we are going to have to make some casava beer

  2. BrewThusiast says:

    Thanks Very Much! NO Pumpkin Ales? Oh man! That is double tough! Casava beer sounds interesting… would you add pumpkin spices to it? BTW Beer and Coffee Geeks Unite!

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