Crispin Cider Series #1 – "Honey Crisp" Artisinal Reserve

I recently received a very generous package courtesy of Crispin Cider. Being a beer person I am not adverse to Cider and have had some over my lifetime. However, my palate is not as experienced with cider as I am with beer. I received quite a variety so this package may be a crash course for me. Most may think of hard cider as being less interesting than beer, but cider can be just as complex in flavor and texture. It can also be just as enjoyable. So this will be part one of my Crispin Cider Fall Series. What better time to enjoy hard cider than autumn when apples are ripe and ready for the picking?
First up in My Crispin Cider Series is a 22oz bottle of their “Honey Crisp” Artisinal Reserve. I had barely had the cap off the bottle when the aroma of fresh Pressed apples and apple juice with a candy apple sweetness, like an apple jolly rancher spilled into the room. It poured a cloudy, golden straw yellow. I was interested to see if a head would form at all. Indeed for a second small, fizzy white bubbles formed a thin head that disappeared immediately. The taste was very nice, simply put, Apples and Honey. Almost like a sweet apple crisp with an earthy bitterness in the finish. This cider is aptly named and very refreshing. According to the bottle 3 to 5 different types of apples are pressed for this cider and organic honey is used. The mouthfeel was full and smooth like that of honey. The bottle suggests it be served over ice. I did try it cold with out ice and let it warm up. It never tasted bad, but I did add ice and it definitely is tasting it’s best when cold, so for the rest of the ciders I will try I will pour them over ice! Here’s to Good Beers (Or Cider in this Case)!
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