Crispin Cider Series #4 "The Cider Trifecta"

    As we get deeper into the Fall season, I am sure you have seen scores of seasonal beers. I am also sure you have noticed all the hard cider offerings that have hit the taps and the shelves. If you have never tried a hard cider, or just are not sure what to expect, let me assure you that Hard Cider is Good! It can be equally as interesting and refreshing as beer. And also like beer or wine it can easily be paired with food. That is just what I have done recently. I figured what better food to pair Hard Apple Cider with than Cider Doughnuts! ‘Tis the Season right?
    I picked up a few fresh Cider Doughnuts to pair with Crispin Cider Co.’s Trifecta of Hard Apple Ciders (Crispin Light, Original, and Brut). Crispin Light is a very refreshing session cider at 3.2% ABV. It has an authentic apple aroma that is complimented by the taste of apple cider and white grape juice. Crispin “Original” weighs in at 5% ABV and is just as refreshing as “Light”. They smell just about the same, but the flavor of “Original” is more intense and full. The taste is just like fresh apple cider, with some warmth from the 5% ABV, followed by a pleasant earthy apple aftertaste. The mouthfeel is a bit more full, and carbonation is moderate. Crispin “Brut” is a bit stronger with a 5.5% ABV. That same great aroma of fresh apple cider is present but the taste is more tart. However, it is just as flavorful as the “Light” and “Original”. This cider is a little more dry on the palate. Crispin has managed to make a hard apple cider for any mood you are in or food you are looking to pair it with! By the way all three ciders played well with my apple cider doughnuts! So go enjoy the Autumn season, and try hard cider! Here’s to Good Beers (and Cider)!

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