Crispin Cider Series #6 “The Saint”

     In the past I had never really given hard cider much of a chance, until a few months ago when I received a very generous package from Crispin Cider. There was a terrific variety of cider to choose from, and I have enjoyed trying them all immensely! My whole outlook on hard cider has been changed indefinitely for the better. I love beer and all of it’s intricacies, but now feel that hard cider has a rightful place among beer in the taps. If you have not yet tried, or are on the fence about hard cider check out some of my past Crispin / Fox Barrel Cider Reviews. You may be in for a surprise!
     The bottle I saved for last was one that I was most interested in, Crispin’s “The Saint”. According to the label it was made with Belgian Trappist yeasts and organic maple syrup. This sounded absolutely unique and delicious. I have no idea how I kept it for so long without cracking it open until now! It poured a hazy, very pale yellow with a fizzy white head that left very quickly. Both the aroma and taste was mostly of slightly fermented apples and spices. There was a light taste of maple syrup and alcohol in the finish. This was an amazingly drinkable cider, and at 6.9% should be enjoyed moderately. If you are looking for something a little different and see a bottle of this at your local brew store, pick it up and enjoy! Here’s to Good Beers!
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