Dark Malts, Big Hop Taste

Recently I have come across Victory’s “Yakima Twilight”. It was on tap at one of my favorite restaurants, but the keg was kicked by the time I tried to order it. I had read a little about it online and was intrigued by the description of a darker beer with roasted malts and a big hop taste. So when I saw a six pack in my local discount liqueur store I grabbed it. I have had a few brews from Victory in the past (Golden Monkey, Whirlwind, Prima Pils, and Storm King) and they were all very enjoyable so I figured this would be a good beer. I was interested how balanced it would be with sweet roasted malts and big hop flavor.
The Victory “Yakima Twilight”. I purchased it as a six pack of 12oz. bottles. It has an alcohol content of 8.7%. I poured it into a pilsener glass, but probably should have used my Chimay Trappist glass considering that it is an American Strong Ale… next time! There was a wonderful floral/citrus sent that filled the room upon opening the bottle even before I poured it. It immediately reminded me of an IPA but was very flowery at the same time. It’s color was a deep red amber with a thick tan head. The initial taste was dry and a little bitter with hops, but it was a very fresh hops experience. Then the sweetness of the malts emerged with a sweet toffee like taste and warmth from the alcohol. Overall it was smooth and quenching. The Yakima Twilight has a good balance of sweet and bitter for sure. This brew has quickly become an instant favorite of mine! According to Victory’s website it is only available from November through January. So if there are any bottles lingering around your local brew store I would pick some up! Here’s to Good Beers!

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