Dogfish Head “90 Minute Imperial IPA”

      Sometimes I get caught up in trying new beers that I forget to go back and enjoy one that I have already had! Being a self proclaimed Hop Head I have had the most excellent pleasure of trying many IPA’s over the past couple years. There have only been a small hand full that have enticed me to revisit them more than once. An even smaller amount make me wish I always had them in my fridge for whenever I want. Dogfish Head Brewery makes one that makes my elite cut that I always want on hand.
      Dogfish Head’s “90 Minute Imperial IPA” is a very well known brew that has been referred to by some as one of the best IPA’s in the America. I have not had every IPA in America to make such a statement, but I do think it is one of the best I have ever tried! This hoppy brew pours a clear copper color with a two finger thick, creamy white head. The aroma is strong with citrus and pine hops. The taste follows closely with the smell, but is backed up with a sweet malt presence that balances out this delicious beer. The mouthfeel is medium with moderate carbonation. The finish is dry and bitter with a slight heat from the 9% ABV. This is a big, bitter, flavorful, hoppy beer. If you love IPA’s and have not yet tried this beer, crawl out of your dark hole and get on it! Here’s to Good Beers!
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  1. Rick says:

    While it may seem odd to introduce folks with a Double IPA I have brought many a person into this world with the 90 minute. It really is one of the most balanced beers out there. I do agree that sometimes we can get lost in trying new beers that you forget to go back and just enjoy some of your favorites.

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