Dogfish Head Brewery Tour

A couple weeks ago my wife and I took a trip down to Delaware. At one point durring our trip I took a ride on over to Milton, De. I had a reserved ticket to take the Dogfish Head Brewery Tour. I would be taking this tour with a fellow beer blogger Jason Fellon ( and on Twitter). Milton, De seems to be a quiet town, at least the immediate area around Dogfish Head. I had been looking forward to this tour for a long time!

As I pulled into the entrance, I spotted a vehicle that I would know anywhere thanks to the film/documentary “Beer Wars”. It was the founder of DFH, Sam Calagione’s Old Skool, Red, Dodge Truck. I pulled around the bend past the truck towards the parking lot and was surprised to see a large metal structure. A tree house artfully made out of various metal pieces! It was very impressive. The tree house overlooked a pristine boccie ball court. I quickly parked and made my way into the brewery. Upon entry I was greeted by a vulture made in the same style as the tree house. I was also greeted by Jason, the “Beer Cruiser”, who was shooting some video on his flip camera. Before the tour started we were given four tokens to receive four, 4oz beer samples afterward. I had fun getting to know Jason for a couple minutes just before our tour guide, Mark got things started. We were given a short introduction to the concepts of what beer is and who the founder of Dogfish Head is. We were all given safety glasses and proper footwear for those that did not have closed toed shoes.
As we started through the brewery I began to immediately notice what seemed to be little “Easter eggs” placed throughout the brewery. Just little oddities, clever names labeled on equipment, sayings on doors, art hanging on walls or ceilings made this visually fun as well as incredibly informational! There was a bit of construction going on in the brewery, but that did not seem to take away from the tour at all! I would have to say my favorite parts of the tour included a historical look at the original equipment that Sam Calagione basically started DFH with, and the tank room that contained the world’s only Palo Santo Wooden Tank! As promised we were given four beer samples to try. 1st “Midas Touch”, 2nd “Theobroma”, 3rd Sah’Tea”, 4th “Palo Santo Marron”. All four were excellent brews. I instantly loved the  “Sah’Tea” and bought a bottle immediately! This tour was a great experience, I felt entertained and educated the whole time! As I mentioned before, “Beer Cruiser” Jason recorded the whole tour on his flip cam (Click Here for Video). For those too far away to ever take the tour please watch the video, and for more pics from the tour “Like” me on Facebook! Although I highly suggest taking this tour in person! Here’s to Good Beers!

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