Dogfish Head “Raison D’Etre”

     So unless you have been living under a craft beer rock lately you know of, or have seen every episode so far of Brew Masters on the Discovery Channel. The premises is simply to follow the founder of the Dogfish Head brewery, (Sam Calagione) in Milton, DE around the world as he searches for new exotic ingredients to make beer. This is something DFH has been doing successfully since they opened in 1995. The show has been entertaining so far, but it is done in the typical style of a reality show that centers around a company. The structure of the show focuses on three things; What ingredient to make beer with?, Will this new crazy beer taste good?, and Will it be ready on time? I have always enjoyed Dogfish Head beers and think that this show can only mean good things for the Craft Beer market!
     To help enhance my Brew Masters viewing experience, I paired it with a Dogfish Head “Raison D’Etre” Belgian Strong Ale. It poured a deep mahogany, with a one finger thick off-white head. There were a lot of aromas coming off this brew! There were comforting smells of Sweet Bread, raisins, fresh brown sugar, molasses,vanilla, dark chocolate, roasted coffee, dark fruit, and a little bit of spice. I was impressed with this beer even before I sipped it! The complex aromas could only be a precursor to the complexities I would find in tasting it! This beer was like the gift that keeps on giving (until the pint glass is empty that is)! The initial flavors are of chocolate, and coffee with dried dark fruit. Then the raisins come out to dominate the taste after the beer warms up a bit. It had a full bodied mouthfeel, with light carbonation, and a dry finish. The 8% abv seems to control the sweetness of the beer just right. This is a smooth beer that just proves Dogfish Head is deserving of any recognition they get via their new found cable TV fame. Here’s to Good Beers!
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