Dogfish Head "Sah Tea"

    Back in the beginning of August I talked about a trip I had taken to Milton, DE to tour the Dogfish Head Brewery. Let me just tell you that when I am put in a situation such as being in the Dogfish Head store, I suddenly become lost! I thought it was bad when I simply go to the brew store. I walk up and down the same isle for 20 minutes sometimes debating what I want to buy. The DFH Store was overwhelming for me to be in. There was apparel, glassware, beer, and other cool things! I was having a very hard time choosing what to take home. However, during the beer samples I tasted one that raised my eyebrows. The few ounces that I had in my sample were not enough for me, I needed to know more about it. It was at this point I knew what I wanted to take home from the DFH store.
    Sahtea is the name of the beer that intrigued me so much. It came in a 1pt 9oz bottle. It was great being able to try a beer at the brewery and take it home. Especially a beer that I have not been able to find around where I live. The Dogfish Head Sahtea poured an iced tea, cloudy gold color. It’s head was a quick forming sudsy half inch, but dissipated just as quick. The aroma was incredibly spicy, with notes of cloves, ginger, coriander, and lemon. The taste was very layered and busy. Rye Spices hit the taste buds first, followed by a sweet honey lemon flavor. The  spiciness and honey-lemon are kind of reminiscent of cough drops. Not in a bad way.  After my palate warmed up to this complex beer, I think I was able to get a peek into what DFH was really going for, it did taste like a fresh brewed, spiced up tea sweetened with honey and lemon. It was actually very refreshing. The finish was no less spicy than when I took my first sip. I would even dare to say peppery. There may be a lot going on with the flavors of this Traditional Ale, but its smooth medium mouthfeel and light fizzy carbonation was easy to enjoy. This is a beer I highly suggest trying! Here’s to Good Beers!

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