"Ello Gubna"

I have been hearing a lot of buzz lately about Oskar Blues release of it’s Imperial IPA “Gubna”. I have had most of their other brews and have enjoyed each one. I only imagined that the quality of this beer would be just as good. I have read reviews praising it, and I have read others saying it is good but not worthy of all the hype. Instead of being swayed one way or the other, I figured it was time to experience it for myself. I found some loose cans in my brew store’s mix a six section and picked one up. I do enjoy the fact that craft beer has been bringing back the can! I also appreciate the clever tongue in cheek names Oskar Blues busts out for their beers.

The playfully named “Gubna” Imperial IPA, pours a hazy golden orange with a one finger thick off white creamy head. The bold aroma of floral pine and ripe citrus fruits quickly demands attention from all within a 3 foot radius. The taste is all IPA! It starts out with a sweet, sticky grapefruit flavor and finishes dry and bitter. A very interesting flavor change. Gubna has a medium to full mouthfeel. There is strong lacing at the top of the glass, that dwindles down to more of a Tetris like splotchy lacing toward the bottom. Gubna does not leave ya hanging, there is a nice sweet aftertaste. This brew has an abv. of 10%, however Gubna never presents itself as such. Enjoy this one slowly! Over all this is a uniquely complicated brew, a big hoppy beer that partners with some big malty flavors. Gubna is a flavor beast! Also, it is kind of fun to have an excuse to say “Gubna”. I did like this beer, it was a different experience than other Imperial IPA’s I have had. I think that is a good thing! I am always looking for a Beerventure! Here’s to Good Beers!
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