Epic Beer Trade

    Over the past few weeks I have been working out a beer trade with Bianca from http://agirlandherbeer.com/.You can follow here on twitter here: (http://twitter.com/AGirlandHerBeer). Not only is she a fellow beer lover / blogger but she is a Pumpkin Beer lover more importantly! It is not often that I find another with a dedication to pumpkin brew that rivals mine, and for this I commend her! We e-mailed some wish lists back and fourth to each other for a couple weeks and eventually had put together packages that we were both satisfied with!
    The Package that Bianca put together for me is full of beers from California that I did not think I was actually ever going to get a hold of here in New Jersey! Like Russian River’s “Pliny The Elder”. It’s always gone in a matter of hours whenever one of my local establishments get it on tap! I was pretty stoked when she posted a pic of my package on twitter! The package I put together for her is mostly Pumpkin Beers, including two of my favorites; Southern TierPumking” and Weyerbacher’s “Imperial Pumpkin Ale”. There are two other brews from Weyerbacher that I think will be enjoyed by Bianca. Weyerbacher’s “Double Simcoe” IPA and “Merry Monks” Abbey Tripel. Also Included is a one quart bottle of Yuengling “Lager”.
    The package that Bianca Sent to me made it safely in under a week! It was like Christmas when it arrived! I opened the box and then fished through what seemed like 10 feet of packing peanuts! She packs beer very well! Rather than listing all the beers that were in my package I will let the pictures speak! Those that love beer and live on the East Coast understand how epic this trade was! Stay tuned over the next month or so for reviews of this Epic Beer Trade from myself and from
http://agirlandherbeer.com/. Here’s to Good Beers!

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4 Responses to Epic Beer Trade

  1. Lacey says:

    That's an awesome idea!

  2. Aaron aka The Boy says:

    The Boy here. I'm really looking forward to that Double Simcoe! Looking forward to more beer trades. You gotta make a trip to California during Pliny The Younger season. It's hysteria!

  3. Bianca AKA The Girl says:

    I can't wait to get mine…my precious!

  4. Jym says:

    @Lacy, I know! Beer Is the Best thing I have Ever Traded!

    @Aaron & Bianca, I can't wait for you guys to get your package! I hope it gets there safe!

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