Evolution’s "Jacques Au Lantern"

    Every fall I pick up where I left off on my perpetual journey to seek out good craft Pumpkin Beers. I am a pumpkin beer junkie! Sometimes I think pumpkin beer may be my absolute favorite type of beer! I have reviewed beer from the Evolution Brewing Co. in Delmar, DE previously. I knew they had released a new pumpkin brew, so when I happened to be in the area I made it a priority to stop in and grab a pint! There is nothing better than enjoying a pint of good beer still in view of the tanks it was brewed in! On to the Brew!
    Evolution’s cleverly named “Jacques Au Lantern” poured a cloudy, deep orangy amber. I want a pumpkin beer’s color to remind me of a pumpkin or pumpkin pie. A thin white head sat atop this amazingly aromatic brew. I have been on this pumpkin beer journey for a few years now so I really get excited when I come across something I have not seen, smelled or tasted before! The aroma that this beer gives off is Spicy! Some pumpkin beers depend heavily on the cinnamon / nutmeg spices. Some better pumpkin beers go the extra mile and include ginger and all spice to kick it up. Evo went even further and brought a strong mace spice to this ale! The addition of mace was very nice and different from other pumpkin brews I have had! The mace and other pumpkin spices came through first in the taste as well. However after a few sips I was able to pick out more than just spice. There is a malty sweetness to balance out the spices and a biscuity finish that mimics pie crust to complete this beer. The 6.7% ABV is present but behind the scenes mainly. The mouthfeel is full and smooth, almost chewy. This is an excellent pumpkin beer. My philosophy is that craft beer is an Adventure. This took me on a mini adventure. While drinking this beer I could almost see myself sitting at the dinner table on Thanksgiving enjoying a sweet and spicy slice of fresh pumpkin pie for dessert! Here’s to Good Beers!
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