Evolution’s "Lucky 7" Porter

Recently I have had the chance to visit a couple breweries, one of which is located in Delmar, DE. Evolution is a small brewery, that has been operating for just over a year. Despite its youth and size, Evolution seems to have been welcomed with open arms by its surrounding community. I have actually been there twice this year and each time there has been a constant flow of traffic coming in to fill a growler, or multiple growlers with “Evo” beer to take home. I asked to do a tasting of all their beers. I was in for a treat, as they had a specialty beer on tap as well. A Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter blended with their “Rise Up Coffee Stout called Menagerie. It was excellent. I saw my chance to ask for a tour when things seemed to die down for a minute. As stated the brewery is not very big, but it is very interesting. I even got a peek at an experiment they are currently working on! I would go into detail, but I like to leave things a surprise for those who may be as Beerventurous, to actually go visit and request a tour!

Before I left I did as the locals and asked for a growler of beer to take back to my home in New Jersey! By the way, everything is very reasonably priced! My tastings, 1 pint of Menagerie and 1gal glass growler filled with their “Lucky 7” porter all together cost under $20.00!  I did enjoy “Lucky 7”. This porter is perfect for those who may not have too much experience palate wise with this style. It pours a tight thin brown head with a deep, dark brown body. It has a pleasant sweet aroma, featuring roasted malt and coffee. It tastes almost as it smells. Flavors of roasted coffee and chocolate syrup are prevalent especially as the beer gets closer to room temperature. The mouth feel was a little light, but that may be due to traveling in my car for three hours back to Jersey. Even so, nothing beats fresh beer! Here’s to Good Beers!

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5 Responses to Evolution’s "Lucky 7" Porter

  1. Jay Zeis says:

    What I love about the Lucky 7, is that is really easy to drink and hit has a nice balance to it.

    Glad you had a good trip

  2. Lesley says:

    I live in Salisbury MD, and Evolution has become my absolute beer of choice! I feel so spoiled to have this little gem right in my backyard 🙂

  3. Jym says:

    @Jay, Well put sir! Lucky 7 is very easy to drink and is a well built beer! Thanks, I did have a great trip!

    @Lesley I am quite jealous that I do not have a place like Evo in my backyard. Enjoy it and never take it for granted! Cheers!

  4. Nate says:

    Where I work we just got a new cask ale in. It’s called “Lucky Pumpkin”. It’s 1/2 lucky porter and 1/2 pumpkin beer. It’s quite awesome.

    • BrewThusiast says:

      Nate, That sounds Amazing! I will have to try this mixture! Cheers Dude and thanks for dropping that nugget of awesomeness!

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