Firestone Walker – Mission St. “2012 Anniversary Ale”

     Many Moon’s ago I wrote a series of reviews on several really good brews available for cheap at Trader Joe’s. I think it is time to revisit this series with a new addition. As I stated in the past reviews TJ’s carries great brews for incredibly cheap year round. Every so often you should be on the look out for the special brews that TJ’s offers, like the Vintage Ale from Unibroue available every Holiday season. Later in the winter TJ’s releases another special beer. This brew literally flew off the shelves at my local TJ’s in two days! Hopefully you were able to get a bottle! If not… there is always next year!
       Trader Joe’s “Mission St. 2012 Anniversary Ale” Imperial Brown Ale is brewed by Firestone Walker, and is only available at TJ’s while it lasts! This brew pours an opaque dark brown, with a two finger thick cream lasting tan head. The complex aroma is malty with dark molasses, brown sugar, smoke leather, raisins and spicy hops. The taste is sweet with cola, vanilla and malt upfront, and rounded out with smoke, raisins, toffee, coffee and alcohol. The mouthfeel is full and slightly syrupy, with soft carbonation. The finish is roasty, with some bitterness from hops. Once Again Trader Joe’s delivers quality brew at an incredible price point! At $2.99 I literally paid for this 22oz bottle of delicious beer with change from the center console in my car! If you missed out on it this year, look for it in 2013! Here’s to Good Beers!
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