Flying Dog “Bloodline”

      Most people here on the East Coast can agree on one thing in February 2015… We are tired of Winter! I am ready for warmer weather, and the beers that accompany it! At this point anything that can remind us of spring or summer offers us hope. And if I can find that reminder in a tasty brew while there is still several inches of snow and ice on the ground, that is a plus!
      Flying Dog’sBloodline” Blood Orange Ale is an IPA with a really great citrus twist. It pours a transparent sunset gold color, with a two finger thick white sudsy head. The aroma is hoppy, with juicy citrus, light caramel and notes of fresh grass clippings. The taste presents the malty flavors of light vanilla and caramel upfront, and then the hops dominate. The blood orange is not overshadowed though, it is easy to find in the background and adds a refreshing aspect to this IPA. The mouth-feel is medium with soft carbonation, and the finish is dry and hoppy with bitter citrus peel. The beer never seems like it’s has the noted 7%abv, making it very easy to drink and refreshing. It reminds me of spring! If you are looking for a break from winter beers, look no further! Here’s to Good Beers!

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