Founders “Curmudgeon’s Better Half”

      The use of oak / bourbon barrels is really a huge thing now in craft beer. It’s actually very practical and genius. A brewery makes a beer, and that beer may be great right out of the fermenter. However, let that same great beer age in an oak or bourbon barrel and you have a whole new brew. A brew with layers of complex and tasty flavors. It’s like getting two for one. Two great brews from one solid recipe. It really is a beautiful relationship, the oak barrel and beer. Alone the oak barrel is stoic and rough, but the beer brings out the best in the barrel. One might say that beer is the barrel’s “Better Half”. Which bring me to this weeks brew…
       FoundersCurmudgeon’s Better Half” is a very tasty Old Ale. Founders takes their Curmudgeon Ale, adds molasses and ages it in bourbon barrels that had also aged maple syrup. It pours a radiant amber color with a one finger, off-white creamy head. The aroma is strong with bourbon, vanilla, syrup, malt, banana and dark fruit. Much like the smell, the taste is all bourbon upfront, followed by molasses, vanilla bean, caramel, banana, maple, floral hops and a hint of spice. The mouthfeel is medium and very warming. The finish is smooth and creamy like a quality bourbon whiskey. The heat from the 11.9% abv is never offensive or distracting. A very tasty, yet almost comforting beer. Kinda like a Better Half should be! Here’s to Good Beers!
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