Founders “Frangelic Mountain Brown” / BrewThusiast’s Summer Vacation

      Happy Independence Day Everyone! Yes it is July already and summer is here and it is hot! This is not ideal weather for coffee lovers. Unless you get your joe iced. What about that secret third option… Coffee Beer? Can this combo really be something enjoyed in 90+ degree weather? I am here to tell you YES! I have seen the light, and that light comes from Michigan. A brand new special release as of 7/2/12. Meaning you should get out there, find it and enjoy! *** I also want to wish you all a great summer! I am taking the summer off from Brew Reviews! My Facebook, Twitter, Untappd and G+ will still be active with pics and small descriptions. I just won’t be updating this site until the Fall. Maybe I will even update the look of the site when I return! Until then I will catch you all on the Social Medias! Cheers!
      FoundersFrangelic Mountain BrownAmerican Strong Ale is part of their “Backstage Series” and is brewed with Hazelnut Coffee. It pours a dark brown with red edges, topped off by a two finger thick dense latte colored foam. The first noticeable thing about this brew is the Aroma, it smacks you as soon as the cap is off! It has an amazing nutty, mild freshly ground and brewed coffee smell. I’d love to wake up to the smell of that anyday! It tasted pretty much like it smelled! This was the most genuine coffee flavor and aroma I have had in a beer in quite a while! It was like a chilled coffee, it was sweet and nutty, with nice roasted flavor. The mouthfeel is smooth, soft and full. It finishes slightly bitter with a sweet coffee aftertaste. This beer would be great with pancakes and bacon for breakfast or after dinner with dessert! Here’s to Good Beers!

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