Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti

‘Tis the summer season, a season of sun, sand, BBQ, and outdoor festivities. When thinking of summer seasonal beers, what do we think of? Well, when I walk down the craft beer isle in my local brew store I see a lot of Summer Blondes, Wheats, Pales, and other light on the palate, low abv. beers. I was reminded recently upon a trip to one of my favorite restaurant / beer bars (Isaac Newtons), that there is a place for stouts amidst the summer’s sweltering sun! Great Divide Brewing Company releases a summer seasonal imperial stout, Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti.

It looked like beautiful, thick black gold, coming out of the tap into my glass. It produced a one and a half finger thick brown meringue like head. The intense aromas of roasted coffee, chocolate, oak, vanilla,and alcohol tickled my nose before the glass had even been set down in front of me! Initially it tasted just like a freshly ground, and brewed bold espresso paired with a very high percent cacao chocolate. There were also notes of leather, oak, and vanilla. The finish was a little bitter with a smoked wood flavor. It had a perfectly full and thick mouthfeel with a nice palate coating quality. The chocolate flavor was deliciously rich. The 9.5% abv. was ever present through out, so this is not a chuggin’ brew. This should be respected and enjoyed slowly. I know I was sad when it was gone. While I was not able to pick up on it, the commercial description states that there is a “dash of cayenne” pepper thrown in for some heat.Never the less, It had a perfectly full and thick mouthfeel with a nice palate coating quality. This is my definition of an excellent dessert beer. Perhaps enjoyed with a good vanilla bean ice cream or New York Style cheese cake. This brew has left a Yeti sized foot print on my heart! Here’s to Good Beers!
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7 Responses to Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti

  1. Granticus says:

    Great review. This description makes me want to try it. My local beer store says it should be another 2 weeks before they get it.

    BTW, another great chocolate stout you should consider is Fort Collins (FCB) Double Chocolate Stout. The FCB Chocolate Stout is not that impressive, but the Double Chocolate version is very tasty!

  2. Jym says:


    Thanks for Checking out the blog, I am sure in two weeks when your beer store has Chocolate Yeti, you won't be disappointed! Thanks for the suggestion about FCB Double Chocolate Stout. I have not had that one yet but will now be on the look out! I have had the regular Chocolate Stout, and I agree it is nothing to shout about! Cheers!

  3. Jay Zeis says:

    I was trying out a new restaurant/bar for dinner the other day, and was pleasantly surprised at the Yeti on tap. I have broken away from drinking stouts, and I think this beer just brought me back in.

    Great Beer, Better Review.

  4. Jym says:


    C'mon back to the Stouts! I try to float freely between the styles! I feel bad or like I am missin out on something if I go a while without having something new from a style I have not had in a while! Cheers Sir!

  5. JayZeis says:

    I didn't mean to exclude them from my rotation, but other beers would sound so good, and I found myself not in the mood for a stout. I have been getting the taste in my mouth for them, so I feel the next time I get to the beer store, I will grab a mixes six of them.

  6. Jym says:

    I know what you mean. I sometimes lean more towards other styles for periods of time occasionally. Especially in the fall, when it is Pumpkin Beer season!

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