Great Divide “Oak Aged Yeti”

      Christmas is the time for a lot of things, some of my favorite things in fact. More Oak Aged Yetispecifically, mythological creatures and beings. There is Santa and his Flying Reindeer, as well as Krampus the Anti-Santa. I think there is room for one more crypto-zoological installment. There have been attempts in the past for this one, but I think the Yeti is ready for prime time!
      Great Divide‘s “Oak Aged Yeti” Imperial Stout pours dark brown with a large brown foamy head. The aroma is just what you’d expect from the Yeti Series; loads of bitter dark chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and dark fruit. Even before you taste it the rich and silky mouth-feel is very satisfying. Then the Flavors of chocolate, espresso, licorice, oak and earthy hops dance across the palate! The 9.5% Abv stands up to the flavors without overpowering them. The finish has a warm bittersweet molasses flavor. It’s just like a Yeti. It’s big, it’s bold, strong, and if he hugged you it would be pretty warming I imagine. Although I have a feeling Great Divide’s Yeti probably smells a little bit better. I see no reason why we can’t include the Yeti in our Christmas traditions from here on out! Here’s to Good Beers!

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