Harpoon’s Island Creek Oyster Stout

This novel stout was on tap recently at a very classy craft beer bar that I have indirectly mentioned in previous posts. Every few weeks or so I get the chance to pop in a try a couple great beers that they currently have on tap! If you are ever in the Newtown, Pa area please check out Isaac Newton’s. They have 19 rotating taps that have never disappointed me! Anyway back to the fore mentioned stout, Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Session 30: Island Creek Oyster Stout. I was really interested to see how the balance between sweet and salty, or briny would play out in this brew. It came to me in a shaker glass with a one finger thick beige head. Its appearance was a dark chocolate brown. The smell was what I would expect from a normal stout, roasted coffee and cocoa powder. Initially the taste was strong. Almost like espresso with a smoke finish. As the beer got warmer the flavor started to open up some more, revealing flavors other than dominant coffee and chocolate malts. There was some earthy notes of toasted rye, and hops in the finish. At times I did catch a light saltiness as well. The 5.5% ABV never stood out. The carbonation was fizzy like a cola and had a medium mouthfeel to it. There was no lacing at all. It was a well constructed stout and tasted as such. Although, I think I was hoping for a little bit more flavor in the way of these oysters in the beer. I was looking for more of a sweet and salty taste. Even so, this is a solid brew and I would suggest checking it out if you happen to come across it, perhaps accompanied with a plate of oysters! According to the information on Harpoon’s site this was brewed in late January of this year and packaged in early February so some may still be out there. Here’s to Good Beers!

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2 Responses to Harpoon’s Island Creek Oyster Stout

  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Jym,

    I picked this up not long ago and really enjoyed it. I agree that there was a little saltiness to it, which made me thirst for more with each sip.

    It wasn't really that bold, but then I don't think it was supposed to be. I thought it was a very nice, easy-drinking stout. Now I want to try more oyster stouts!


  2. Jym says:

    I have the same feeling, I really want to try more Oyster Stouts as well. I know Flying Fish does one and the next time I see it I am totally gonna grab it!

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