Helios – God of the Sun

     Saison is a style of beer that I have not had all that many of, so my frame of reference is rather limited. Although, I like to think that I know a good brew when I have one so lack of experience should not be an issue! I found a 1pt 6oz bottle of VictoryHelios” ale in the craft brew section of a newer liquor store close to where I work. The price was $3.50. Who can argue with that?! On to the brew! There are three things about this beer that I think one should know.

     The first thing I noticed about this beer is bits of yeast still floating around toward the bottom of the bottle. That is not a bad thing. These yeast died so this beer could be good! The second thing I noticed was the the crazy amount of head it produced! I was not all that rough in my pour and got almost a full glass of white, sudsy foam! I had to wait a couple minutes for it to subside before I could pour more. The color was a hazy golden straw. Hazy yellow, like the mid day summer sun, making the label very appropriate.  I did not waste any time after I poured this beer, It smelled spicy and dank, with strong lemon citrus. The taste was bitter upfront, with an earthy funk and lemongrass. The finish was dry and peppery. The carbonation was intense. The carbonation and the somewhat thin mouthfeel made me think of beer flavored seltzer. I was not sure if this was good or bad. This brings me to the third thing I noticed about this beer… temperature! As the beer got warmer it opened up and the mouthfeel was no longer thin and it actually got a bit sweeter. All the other tastes were still there but out came this yeasty, wheat quality that added a biscuity sweetness and balanced out this brew perfectly! So next time I would pour this beer and let it sit for a few before digging in! The flavors are complex and refreshing, Helios is an excellent beer! For the price I recommend seeking this one out and buying a few to have on hand this summer! Here’s to Good Beers!
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2 Responses to Helios – God of the Sun

  1. Jay Zeis says:

    I found that same intense carbonation when I had it. I actually left the opened bottle in the fridge for a night and poured it the next day (head remained, carbonation died). Overall, I thought that this was a great beer.

  2. Jym says:


    I am glad I am not the only one that has encountered this. Thanks for letting me know! This was a great beer. I am going to grab some more of these, I regret only buying one!

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