"Horn Of The Devil"

Dieu Du Ciel is a microbrewery in Montreal, Canada that I have been a fan of for just about year now. One of their beers was being served at a wedding I attended in July of last year. It was that beer that made me want to try more of Dieu Du Ciel’s brews. The first beer I had tried from Dieu Du Ciel was Rosée d’Hibiscus (Pink Hibiscus). I have also had the pleasure of having a couple other of their fine brews when I run across them, including one of my favorite Imperial Coffee Stouts, Péché Mortel (Mortal Sin). This time around I found their IPA.

Corne Du Diable (Horn of the Devil) is an updated version of the English style IPA, this is something to keep in mind when purchasing this brew. It came in an 11.5oz bottle. Another thing I love about Dieu Du Ciel is the label designs, very classy, yet almost creepy. It pours a cloudy burnt orange with a cream colored one finger thick head. The head did not stick around long, but the aroma does. It has the earthy pine and citrus aromas that one would expect from a typical IPA but there is a caramel sweetness that is present as well. Almost like grapefruit wedges with honey drizzled over it. The taste is similar to the smell. It starts out somewhat malty and honey sweet, but then kicks over to the bitter citrus and earthy hops flavor. There was no lacing on the glass and it had a medium mouthfeel. Cone Du Diable takes the original style of IPA and updates it with the American West Coast IPA style and makes it its own! Along with the 6.5% abv, the sweet maltiness in this brew provides for a nice layered flavor experience that is different in a good way. Anytime I see a beer from Dieu Du Ciel available to me I grab it and recommend others to do the same! Here’s to Good Beers!
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